MAGELEC Announced as Major ETCR Tech Supplier


MAGELEC Propulsion has been chosen to design, develop, manufacture and supply the inverter, motor and gearbox as part of the common kit for all ETCR cars.


The Shanghai-based company has been involved in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship since its inception and has now been confirmed as a major technical partner of the ETCR electric touring car platform.




MAGELEC Propulsion was formed in 2014 as a bespoke entity to solely focus on electric programs, and was involved in Formula E through its parent company Omni Gear, supplying motors and inverters to NextEV in 2015-17.


The company is renowned for its axial flux motor technology and combining cutting edge axial flux motor technology and some of the industry’s best engineers with a focus on speed-to-market, MAGELEC Propulsion has derived a complete family of electric machines ranging from 48 volt air-cooled solutions all the way up to 800 volt liquid cooled solutions.The company has been involved in the development of Formula E since its conception, as well as manufacturing drivetrain products to the automotive industry.



“The team at MAGELEC Propulsion is delighted to be able to bring our products and electrification expertise to ETCR,” said Craig Daniel, CEO and founder.



“With the experience and know-how brought together from electric motorsport and on/off highway vehicles, we’re excited to work with the team at WSC Group to continue the progress of electric motorsport and inspire mainstream electric vehicle adoption.”


ETCR is set to become the first multi-brand touring car category for production cars powered by a single 100 percent electric powertrain.



“Craig Daniel’s successful entrepreneurial background highlighted that we have the right partner to launch this pioneering category,” said WSC president Marcello Lotti.



“The company’s capabilities speak for themselves.”


We are proud of this agreement that associates MAGELEC’s powertrain system with a new and ambitious brand like ETCR.



“We are delighted to work with someone who understands cost control, which is key to successfully growing new forms of motorsport.



“WSC Group is the owner of the TCR brand, arguably the most successful motorsport category in recent years that has completely reshaped touring car competition globally.


“It was a logical step for the company to leverage MAGELEC in the application of new powertrain technologies.”



Sam Smith contributed to this report